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With KnuckleStrutz® the possibilities are endless! Each piece can connect to the next in many ways! There are currently many model sets to choose from, each complete with building instructions and many that build more than one model.

The biggest KnuckleStrutz model yet! With the Engine 29 fire truck and the BIG RIG Semi, this building set has 397 pieces and can build 8 models!

The Knuckle Bots are yours to command! Unleash the power with the Xenobot, Strutzoid, and Knuckle Cruiser.

Take it to the streets with the Speedster, Street Racer, and the Dart! Build one of these speed hungry racers and have a race!


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KnuckleStrutz is the latest and most innovative construction building toy on the market!
Each piece can be connected to the next in a variety of ways, making both solid connections, and flexible, moving joints! KnuckleStrutz is an educational toy that encourages creativity and imagination in your child. KnuckleStrutz joints allow you to dynamically morph, transform, and re-shape your creations into all kinds of configurations including helicopter and motorcycle toys. Check out our amazing model sets, including the Big Rig and Fire Truck, with 397 pieces and the ability to make 8 models, it’s our biggest and most creative kit yet!

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